About Us

Welcome to the Sign Language Center (SLC) .

We are proud to introduce to you a company with a number of incredible instructors teaching American Sign Language. Our goal is to provide YOU the student, an enriching experience learning the beauty of ASL and Deaf culture; we welcome all levels from beginners to advanced students. We also offer one on one tutoring sessions, on site classes for corporations, and variety of workshops. 

Sign Language Center was established to bridge the communication gap between the hearing and the Deaf communities. We do this creating a comfortable and interactive environment. All of our instructors are "Native" Deaf individuals coming from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Our instructors strive to teach our students to have a better understanding about ASL and Deaf culture in a non-competitive, conversational setting. We hope you will join us in for a fun-filled learning experience!

Sign Language Center is located in the heart of New York City. We offer day, evening and weekend classes to fit your busy schedule. We at the Sign Language Center welcome you to come in and sign up for a class, or browse the "Class Schedule" page. We offer secure on line registration for your convenience. Whether you're a new student or a more experienced signer- we can help you take the next step in developing your ASL skills. 

Alan Roth

CEO of Sign Language Center (SLC of NY) since September 10, 2001 leading to our 19th year. Born hearing, became Deaf at the age of 4 from Spinal Meningitis. Born and raised in Long Island, NY.  Attended hearing school from K-12, during my college years attended NTID (National Technology Institute for the Deaf) In RIT , Rochester NY for a year then attended CSUN (California State University in Northridge) studied business administration. CSUN also had services for the Deaf including ASL interpreter. Immersed myself in the Deaf community and learned ASL since the age of 6. Founded SLC with my partner Brian Blais who is also Deaf, making us the only Deaf owned ASL school in the nation. We marked by CBS NYC to be one of 7 top language schools in NYC in 2012. 

Brian Blais

Brian Blais has worked in education, teaching within many programs for over 25 years. He has been working at Sign Language Center since its inception 10 years ago. Brian was born and raised in Port Alberni, British Columbia Canada. He attended school at Jericho Hill Deaf Insititute in Vancouver and Gallaudet University. Brian worked at Lexington School for the Deaf,  Fanwood in White Plains, Clerc Group Home working w Deaf individuals with special needs.

Shelly Guy

Shelly Guy has been a teacher at SLC for over six years.  Shelly is originally from Haifa, Israel and is fluent is ISL, Hebrew, ASL and English. She has a bachelors degree in Social work and a Masters degree in Deaf Education from University Of Northern
Colorado.  Shelly's passion for teaching American Sign Language began at The University of Anchorage in Alaska. Her goal here in New York is to expand and enrich her approach to teaching ASL and to spread awareness within the hearing community. She spends a great deal of her time at SLC helping to develop the current curriculum. She is greatly involved in the community

Robert DeMayo

Robert is a professional actor, entertainer, educator and ASL consultant. He is a graduate of the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford, where he first began performing as a clown in The Silent Alley. He attended the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, NY and toured professionally with: Sunshine Too, Cleveland Sign Stage Theatre and National Theatre of the Deaf. He starred in many noteworthy NTD productions. Robert also served as the Artistic Director for New York Deaf Theatre. Robert was the ASL consultant and actor in the feature film Universal Signs and appeared in No Ordinary Hero. He has appeared in dozens of Q&A’s with the film around the world. He has taught ASL at the Juilliard School, Connecticut Total Immersion Program , and Arizona Total Immersion Program in a 20 year span. Robert has been working at SLC for six years . He has his own "Sign With Robert" ASL series.

Jennifer Spensieri

Jennifer Spensieri

Born and raised in Los Angeles. Received an  M.A. in School Counseling at Gallaudet University. Currently works as a behavioral specialist at Lexington School for the Deaf. Ambitions- to get my skydiving license! Favorite thing about NYC-Amazing public transportation!!! Started teaching at SLC since September 2018. 

Mara Stephens

Mara Stephens has been a freelance interpreter since 2011. Mara has been intimately involved with the Deaf community and SLC since 2004. After being in a play with a Deaf and hard of hearing cast her life was forever changed. She enjoys interpreting in various settings, she loves teaming with CDIs, enjoys social interpreting and she LOVES working as at the Sign Language Center. She is the PR person/Manager. Fun fact: She is a 500 hour certified Yogi, has been a professional actor here in NYC for 25 years and owns a Professional organizing business with her sister called 2of9organizers. YES, she wears MANY hats. She grew up one of nine children and is a twin. She has two children who are the loves of her life.


Robert Parcells

Robert Parcells Jr has been teaching at SLC for four years. His other passions besides teaching includes acting, CrossFit, Basketball and Rugby. Robert is originally from Kingston, Jamaica. He moved to Brooklyn, NY at the age of six. He is fluent in in JSL, ASL and English. He became Deaf at one year and 7 months due to unknown causes. Growing up with Deaf parents and sign language as his first language, his identity as being Deaf was strong and full of pride. He loves teaching to both deaf and hearing people. His passion is sign language yet he has many interests. Interesting fact: He work for Silver Bay Seafood as Seafood Processor in Alaska. He is also an actor and did actor for short film and stage. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nHbsxYkHDeM

Dickie Hearts

 Dickie Hearts originally hails from Queens, NY and briefly attended Lexington School for the Deaf. However, Hearts actually grew up in Virginia and graduated from Gallaudet University with a BA focused on both Film & Video Production and Deaf Studies. Hearts made full circle as an adult by relocating to New York City as of last year. He has been working at SLC for the past year. He enjoys being an active member of both the Deaf and LGBTQ communities and hopes to increase POC visibility. Fun facts: Dickie enjoys CrossFit and is an American-Burger Fanatic!


Dennis Martinez

Dennis Martinez is Colombian American. He was born in New York City, but grew up primarily in Colombia. After graduating from mainstream high school, he made the decision to return to the United States of America. He realized how many opportunities there are for members of the Deaf community here. After moving back to New York he studied both English and American Sign Language. He earned an associates degree in Business Administration from LaGuardia Community College. At Sign Language Center he works with Deaf people, hearing people, English and Spanish speakers, and signers of ASL as well as teaching Spanish sign language. He loves being a part of SLC and helping to spread Deaf awareness to the hearing world. 

Juan Vietorisz

Juan Vietorisz Is culturally Deaf with the capital "D" and fiercely proud of it! He is Cuban-Hungarian. A born & bred Greenwich Village boy. He now lives in NoHo, near NYU and Washington Square Park. He is currently a school psychologist turned Dean of Students at St. Joseph's School for the Deaf in Bronx, NY.  He moonlights as an ASL instructor at SLC, usually one or two classes on Saturdays. He attended Lexington School for the Deaf in Queens, Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. I received two B.A. degrees in English and Psychology from Gallaudet University in Washington, DC, and an Ed. M. in School Psychology from Teachers College Columbia University. He enjoys traveling, biking, jogging, skiing, body-surfing on beach, reading, hanging out with family and close friends, cooking & baking, and hosting dinner parties at my home.

Jamil Haque

Iftekhar also known as Jamil, was born to Bengali immigrant parents in Dhaka. In the 1980s, his family moved to America to provide better opportunities for him. Losing his hearing at 3 months old and being raised as a profoundly deaf person, ASL became his everything. He attended multiple deaf schools in New York, giving him a variety of experiences. He performs regularly in ASL Slam shows.  In the Deaf- Bengali community, he is a speaker who builds awareness about the strong Deaf community while sharing his knowledge of ASL. His life long goal is to spread the message of inclusiveness to the hearing communities. 

Daniel Israilov

Daniel was born in Kazakhstan and raised in Israel. He moved to NYC with my beloved wife and baby son. Growing up, he was always the center of attention at the dinner table by impersonating family members, cracking up jokes, and telling stories. In NYC, he immersed myself in telling stories in visual vernacular form and doing stand up comedy. He has always been a performer.Daniel is fluent in Russian, Israeli, American and international Languages.. He has been teaching at Sign Language Center since the fall of 2019. His work can be seen on my @the.moving.hands instagram.