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Jan 30th 2020 Thursday              Crooked Knife Bar night 7pm to 10pm  
Feb 22nd 2020 Saturday            Billiards at Space Billiards on 34 West 32nd street 11th floor 4pm to 7pm
March 21st 2020 Saturday         Bowling in Chelsea Peirs 4pm to 7pm (cancelled due to Coronavirus)
April 9th-10th  Thurs/Friday       Gallaudet Trip to Washington DC (Cancelled due to Coronavirus)
May 21st  2020  Thursday         Mason Jar Bar night 7pm to 10pm 
June 20th 2020 Saturday           Picnic at Bryant Park 3pm-6pm
July 24th 2020   Friday               ASL Karaoke night at SLC 7pm to 10pm

Sept 11th 2020 Friday                SLC 19 Year Anniversary Event 7pm-10pm at Crooked Knife 
Octorber 1st-4th 2020                Silent Weekend Retreat Hartford Conn visiting American School for the Deaf 
Nov 5th  2020 Thursday             BINGO night at SLC 830pm to 1030pm
Dec 4th 2019  Firday                 Holiday Party at the Sign Language Center 7pm-11pm