6 Week course semester (once a week)  $250.00 
E Notes $25.00

SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATES (Multiple Semesters, must be paid in full)

2 semesters 10% off , $450.00 (save $50.00) 
3 semesters 15% off , $637.50 (save $112.50) 
4 semesters 20% off,  $800.00 (save $200.00) 
5 semesters 25% off,  $937.50 (save $312.50) 
6 semesters 25% off,  $1125.00  (save $375.00

7 semesters 30% off   $1225.00  (save $525.00) 


SLC now offers E-Notes, fee is $25 per semester. The E-Notes will be email directly to you right after class.  It includes the Keynotes Presentation with notes for students, Videos with Dialogues and ASLary (Vocabulary)  Highly recommended for Levels 1 to Level 6. 


We offer individual lessons & packages, see different rates see below, these rates are 1 person if you want a group lesson give us a call at 212-570-0075 or email us at :

At the Sign Language Center Location Rates per person:
1 session- $100 per hour
6 sessions- $85 per hour total $510
12 sessions-$80 per hour total $960
18 sessions-$75 per hour total $1350
24 sessions-$70 per hour total $1680
30 sessions-$65 per hour total $1950
36 sessions- $60 per hour total $2160
42 sessions-$55 per hour total $2310

In House Rates per person (Privacy of your home, cafe, library, Skype or Facetime)
1 session-$110.00 per hour
6 sessions-$95 per hour total $570
12 sessions-$90 per hour total $1080
18 sessions-$85 per hour total $1530
24 sessions-$80 per hour total $1920
30 sessions-$75 per hour total $2250
36 sessions-$70 per hour total $2520
42 sessions-$65 per hour total $2730


We can provide our course at your workplace. Contact us at 212-570-0075 for more details. 



For a full refund, you must notify the school 7 days prior to the first class of the actual semester you signed up for.


If you withdraw, for any reason within the first  week of the semester we will credit your tuition for up to 6 months.

Multiple Classes Discount Package Credit Policy: In order to receive these special rates, it is non-refundable. If your unable to take classes at a time period, EX: you paid for 6 semesters from January to October, your unable to take class during the summer, you can put  a semester on hold as you please. 


If you made an appointment and want to cancel and reschedule, you must notify the instructor or Alan Roth 24 hour period otherwise you will be billed. The tutoring rates are non-refundable