Course Description

Level 1 is a 6 week session focusing on the introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture. You will develop a strong basic ASLary (OUR word for vocabuarly) ASL Structure, syntax, and grammar. Will learn numbers 1-100, visual discrimination, spatial referencing, practice fingerspelling and begin to understand the use of space and gestures. You will develop grammatical knowledge through our curriculum allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of ASL and Deaf Culture. You will be working with our online curriculum which takes to teaching our visual language to a whole new level and experience for the novice student. You will have access to E-notes allowing you to practice at home. You will be introduced to interacting with the Deaf community, and begin your journey to enhancing your linquistic skills and cultural knowledge

Level 2 is a 6 week session, building on the foundations of Level 1, you will continue to develop more ASLary while applying your learnings to real life situations. You will learn numbers up to 500 (including time, duration, years, ordinal and cardinal) You will continue to focus on visual discrimination, spatial referencing, fingerspelling and use of space and gestures. Grammatical knowledge (nouns, direction verbs, Wh/Yes no quesitons, classifiers, NMS (non manual signals) You will be introduced to Deaf slang and idioms. Expanding your knowledge relating to Deaf culture. You will be engaged to rich discussions about Deaf history learning about how our culture has evolved through the years. You will be working with our new online curriculum, watching short clips from youtube, learning trivia and engaging in fun activities. You will take your beginning practice to a whole new level. 

Level 3 is a 6 week course, Now that you have a base for ASL and Deaf culture this course will take your language to a more intense level. You will be exposed to the importance of storytelling and comparing the differences between hearing and Deaf cultures, NMS and ASLary will be explored in greater depth and combined to show the grammatical features of American Sign Language. 

Level 4 is a 6 week course, From this level onwards you will be using your conversational skills and advance your proficiency in the language of ASL related to variety of topics. You will start identifying countries, learn about basic money and use classifiers to describe traveling all over the world! You will use classifiers to tell stories and focus on grammatical features of ASL.

Level 5 is a 6 week course. This course expands on your knowledge of American Sign Language from Level 1 to 4. You will continue to expand ASLary and work on both expressive and receptive skills. You will learn about occupations all while incorporating use and knowledge of classifiers, numbers, and Deaf culture. you will develop the skill to use two and three character role shifts. This course also elaborates in the aspects of ASL Idioms, contrasting the effect of sound/music effects and visual effects of ASL cinematic. You will learn how to display the timelines in visual methods from the utilized tools that your learned form ASl Level 1-4

Level 6 is a 6 week course. You will be immersed in the world of Deaf culture by this class. You will be putting your visual prowess to test to utilize the skills that you learned form ASL Level 1-5, You will be seeing different ASL medias as films, vlogs, Deaf humor, current events platforms as politics, education, and social events. You will hone your skills in this course by learning how to apply deaf idioms/slangs with ASL dialogues. You will be journeying in the dimension of personifications in this course. By this level student will have developed greater fluency in expressive signing, and develop confidence in this receptive skills. 

This is a 6 weeks course, Conversation classes use a “natural” conversation mode in order to increase fluency. Heavy concentration will be placed on telling stories that are clear, coherent, interesting and culturally appropriate.


This workshop is for students beginning to advance and focuses on improving reception, production and articulation of fingerspelling.

This workshop focuses on events and individuals that influenced the Deaf community and the progression of ASL to its current form.

This workshop is designed to increase an awareness of the Deaf community’s traditions, expressions used and “etiquette”.

Individual tutoring is available for students seeking one on one instruction. Tutoring is also beneficial for students that may miss a class or who want specified lessons.