CBS says the Sign Language Center is one of the Top 7 Foreign Language Schools in NYC.

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"Sign Language Center changed my life. I took all their classes ranging from Level I to Conversational classes. I continued my studies and got accepted into a wonderful interpreting program. SLC is the ONLY place to study ASL in New York as far as I am concerned. The incredible teachers are all Deaf (which is the best way to learn the language and gain a true understanding of the culture). The environment is friendly, unintimidating and FUN.  Sign language Center also provides students with many extracurricular activities within their program called social signs. This is a perfect opportunity for students to practice using ASL with other students and the Deaf community. Even now I still go back to attend workshops and events because I love being a part of the center. The owners of SLC are so generous and approachable in every way-a professional, structured program yet down to earth and relaxed. I LOVE SLC!!!"
Mara Stephens 


"I've taken sign language in seven different places, and the Sign Language Center is the BEST. The teachers are not only excellent resources for language, culture, and events, but also wonderful people. SLC is more than just a place to learn a language, but a vibrant, multicultural community.SLC classrooms are a perfect mix of informal conversation and structured coursework that stay true to grammatical ASL and make learning language fun. The Center's events, workshops, and trips to Gallaudet have deepened my understanding of what it means to be Deaf in a way that can only happen when immersed in a new culture. After taking courses at SLC, I truly feel part of a very special community and confident using sign language and conversing with Deaf people!"
Katie O'Brein

"The Sign Language Center changed my life!  I signed up for classes hoping to learn some ASL "for fun".  I already had what I thought was my dream job - working in the music industry.  But the more I learned (both the language and the culture) from the amazing teachers at SLC, the more I wanted to know.  I have since quit my job in music and am now a certified interpreter!  I could not have done it without SLC.  I love that it is Deaf owned and that all of the teachers are deaf and native signers.  That is, in my opinion, invaluable to learning the language.  Not only is it a great place to learn ASL, it is a wonderful place to meet people and make new friends.  In addition to classes, they also offer workshops and social events from time to time.  I still go back when I can and I don't ever hesitate to recommend the school to anyone looking to take ASL classes, no matter what level!"
Amanda Heinbaugh

"It is not an exaggeration to say that my experience with SLC has been life changing.  I originally came to learn a language, but have gained so much more: appreciation for a beautiful culture, amazing new friendships, and an insatiable passion for communication.  Prepare to be inspired."
Lindsey Wells

"As a student of Sign Language Center for over 2 years, I can attest that this is an amazing place to study and practice American Sign Language.  The staff is always supportive and nurturing with their students. Each teacher has a unique way of instruction, which keeps each class exciting and new.  The instructors have a deep knowledge of ASL and share a respect of the language with the students.  With a variety of levels, SLC allows you to learn at your own pace.  I have studied ASL at other schools, but SLC is the only school to which I refer my friends and colleagues and the only school at which I will continue to study ASL.  If you are looking for structured classes that immerse you in the language and culture of ASL, then your only choice is Sign Language Center."
Kevin Collins Scott
"Some of the best teachers I have ever had in my life (seriously)!  On my very first day there, I was highly engaged, stimulated, and even entertained by the visual nature of learning sign. The deaf teachers at SLC are extremely adept at communicating ideas, lessons, and stories to hearing students. The community at SLC is welcoming, and the social nature of SLC will immediately give you a taste for authentic deaf culture.means that you'll be engaged at all times. Classes are fascinating!"
Joanne Nerenberg

"I can definitely say that Sign Language Center changed my life.  I came to SLC with only a little bit of previous signing experience.  I was looking for a setting where I could learn by interacting, not sitting in a classroom taking notes.  It has been an amazing experience.  Since my first class three years ago, I have made many life-long friends, I work at a school for the deaf, and I am now in a highly competitive interpreting program.  The exposure to native signers and the opportunities to really delve into this amazing culture really sets SLC apart from anywhere I had gone before.  I go back whenever I can for the workshops and social events, and I can’t tell you how many people I have recommended this school to.  I even got my family in on the fun!  My sister has been taking classes for a year now, it’s so much fun to share the language and experiences with her as well!"

Jessica Rosen